Tips to losing weight


Are you always asking for tips to losing weight? Well, Many people around the world struggle to lose weight, they think there is a magic pill to losing weight and they underestimate the power of patience, exercise and diet. In 2015-2016 93.3 million adults in the United states has obesity which is almost 40% of of the population in the united states.

Carrying or having extra weight on your body can lead top hearth disease diabetes and also hypertension. It is important to make gradual lifestyle changes to diet and training which will gradually and consistently shed weight which a lot of people struggle todo.

Many a times diets that people go on to cut fat may work for a short period of time but most people throw in the towel and give up hence the weight loss will be short term.

Losing weight to fast like 10(4.5kg) pounds in a week might seem tempting a dream come true which some people hope to achieve as some of their favorite influencer but this type of weight loss is unsustainable in the long run.

Tips to losing weight

Cut out sugar

Too much sugary drinks, sweets, candy is unhealthy for the body and contains nutrients at all which then makes you gain wait fast or add more weight. Also the types of sugary things can cause problems to your hearth and cause diabetes.


cutting down on sugar is a great way to lose weight or maintain a good body.

Eat Fiber

The good thing about fiber is that it keeps you full and is health which can assist with weigh loss journey fruits, bean , whole grain and vegetable, this is one of the good tips to losing weight.

Consume healthy Fat

Many people think having fat is the contributor to being fat or gaining weight, so they cut out fats in their diet but healthy fats can help[p you cut weight also.

Fat also helps you decrease the cravings for sweet things and other unhealthy foods.

Have protein in your diet for breakfast

Have protein rich food like eggs for breakfast instead of a cereal and for snaking you could replace it with a good protein shake to avoid unnecessarily snaking because you increasing your protein intake.

Staying hydrated is very important

Consuming water makes you eat fewer calories so you maintain a healthy weight, there was even a study done with 9500 people to show that people that were not hydrated properly had obese problems.

Stay away from takeaways

This is the best “Tips to losing weight” is staying away from takeaways especially with the organically grown food like chicken, those unhealthy carbs and the oil that the foods are fried in.

Exercise(Tips to losing weight)

Do exercises such as running, core fitness, jump squats, mountain climbers, squats and deadlifts these exercises help you shred fat and cut pounds with the health of your diet and dietician.

Go for classes such as spinning and boxing classes which can help cut fat.


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