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Would like to write for us and get more exposure? We appreciate guest posts to grow your website and as a way to give back to us by writing fitness articles and getting them published.

Write For Us at fitnessbodybuildingvolt

Requirements for a guest post:

Important guest posting guidelines:

Requirements for a guest post:
  • Your article must be about fitness or bodybuilding (gym, training, sports equipment, diet, sports and physical activity in general, health topics related to sports…).
  • Your content has t0 be unique(NB:COPYSCAPE REPORT)
  • WRITE 600 words or more.
  • 2 external and 1 internal links in body of the article, preferable from published google scholar articles.
    (Put external links either in the 1st or in the last paragraph).
  • The article must be written in English with good grammar.
  • File Format: McrosoftWord file.
  • Please provide copyright free images.

Non-mandatory guest posting guidelines:

Non-mandatory guest posting guidelines:
  • You could add a YouTube video to your post.
  • If you explicitly don’t want us to add any videos to the articles – no problem, we can leave the video out.
  • In case you include your own photos, please don’t place them inside the Word file, but send them along with it.
  • For infographic, please send a short text (400-500 words).

Additional notes:

  • We will edit any typos or misspellings you may have made while writing the guest post.
  • We also may edit some parts of the article for optimization purposes.

If we find a fitness or bodybuilding article from ‘FitnessBodyBuildingVolt’ that aligns with the content of your guest post, we may include a link to it. Alternatively, you are welcome to incorporate the link yourself while writing the post for our blog.

However, it’s important to be aware that we retain the right to decide whether or not to publish the article. If we determine that it’s not a suitable fit for our blog, you are free to publish it elsewhere, and we will not claim any rights to it.

You ready… come and write for us!

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