Can you eat gym chalk

Can You Eat Gym Chalk? Exploring the Pros and Cons
Can You Eat Gym Chalk? Exploring the Pros and Cons

Gym chalk is made of magnesium carbonate and inorganic salt and is used usually for lifting weights to maintain your grip and reduces palm sweat with heavier weights especially as a powerlifter. The inorganic salt absorbs increases hand friction and absorbs the moist created buy palms hence it is very popular amongst weightlifters.

This chalk is usually in like a white rock formation or powder and eating chalk has become popular amongst athletes to boast their performance, lets look at how safe is it to eat chalk.

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Gym chalk

Is it safe to eat gym chalk?

gym chalk

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Magnesium carbonate can be consumed in small amounts that’s according to some nutritionists at least, a doctor should be consulted before you do anything you not sure of especially eating chalk. If you get the go ahead from doctors to eat chalk that you use at the gym just be aware that you may experience.

Benefits of eating gym chalk?

gym chalk

Eating magnesium carbonate can help with muscle cramps which is shown in some studies, this allows athletes to push themselves extremely hard. It can also provide an energy boast which is needed in the gym.


Remember before you do anything crazy like eating chalk which is made up of magnesium carbonate please consult a doctor and also lets try away by all means from eating any type of chalk.