Chest workouts at the gym guide and how todo them FOR BEGINNERS


When it comes to our health, we must stay fit and keep our body in shape. For that, we need to indulge ourselves in regular physical activity and exercises. It is not only required for those who want to have a body like those professional athletes, but for everyone, irrespective of age should at least do some kind of physical activities like doing a chest workouts at the gym.

Doing exercises will ultimately promote better health, and in every stage of their life, they will be able to stay active and productive. It won’t matter what kind of body type you have as long as you are healthy and fit in the long run.

There are many types of exercises, but the most preferred one by this young generation is the chest workout. It is a type of workout which will shape your upper-body by strengthening it.

Chest workouts

The process will include a few steps, and that is :

  • The pectorals or chest
  • Deltoids or shoulders
  • Triceps or arms

If you are serious about your chest workout, we would recommend you to use the better form and effective techniques. It will be safer in that way as well. Those who are just trying to step their foot in the workout universe to become healthy and form an attractive shape should definitely consider finding a personal trainer. The professional help will be appreciated by you as the trainer will always monitor your form, observe your exercises, and time to time will give you suggestions.

The benefits of doing Chest workouts at the gym

The benefits of doing Chest workouts at the gym

Before we dive into the details of the benefits you can have by doing proper chest workouts, first, take a moment and learn some basics. This particular workout is made to make a chest look strong, round, and firm at the same time.

When it comes to the types of Chest workouts at the gym, know that there are plenty of ways. But according to the professionals, a traditional bench press is the most preferred and effective form of exercise. When you will do the bench press, your chest size and strength will increase simultaneously.

Also, the lower part of your chest will get proper help from this one, and the strength of that part will also increase slowly. The lower part of a chest is important for most men. There is a misconception that some individuals think increasing the upper chest’s strength is important, whereas another group thinks the opposite. They are in favour of building up the lower chest strength.

But according to experts, each part is equally important to create a beautifully shaped and stronger chest. Now, let’s discuss the chest workouts benefits.

Better breathing

You will be able to possess better breathing quality which is very important for every human. Chest workout will strengthen and broaden your chest muscle, which will ultimately provide a good support to deep breathing and good posture. Your pecs are attached to your ribs, and that’s how it supports your breathing.

Better posture

Pecs are known to be one of the biggest muscles in the upper part of a human body. Those pecs are very important in order to improve the posture of your body shape. Along with these, pecs also help your back and shoulder muscles and shoulder joint as well.

Breast support is needed

There is a belief that has been going on for decades among those who workout or interested in doing so, that is the chest workout will make the breasts smaller with time. But when you will do the pectoral exercises, you will have the opposite outcome. In this workout, the muscles around the breasts get bigger and eventually will work as great support.

Additional perks

People use their pecs a lot during a lot of activities knowingly or unknowingly. Whenever you will do something that involves squeezing, holding, pressing, and lifting of any kind, your pecs will be the one which will provide the most support. That’s why by doing chest workout, your chest will become stronger and then you will have fewer issues while doing things that need the strength of your chest.

Frequently asked questions about Chest workouts at the gym

How will you master bench press?

Chest workouts

The tips

If you are new at this, first you need to know about the basics obviously. Then you can go and look further about things that will improve your moves. Or, you can take the help of your trainer’s advice and do as you are told. Follow these steps-

  • First, relax and then lie flat on a bench.
  • You have to use your grip to hold the bar with hands. The posture should be wider than the shoulder. In this way, when you will move at the bottom, your hands will stay exactly above your elbows. It will help you to generate ultimate force.
  • While using the bar, bring it down slowly. It should be brought to your chest when you breathe in.
  • Then you have to do push up while breathing out. Make sure to grip the bar strongly and watch a particular spot above your head, and it will help you to grasp the way the bars will travel each time.

How to do cable crossover?

How to do cable crossover?

Below we have tried to discuss the basic step guide of doing cable cross over workout.

  1. Mid cable crossover workout
  • For the machine, you will use, make sure to attach one grip handle to both sides at your armpit. It will be on your shoulder level.
  • Stand between the pulleys after that and hold both the handles.
  • Then you can start and take some forward steps. During that time, use your foot in front to keep the balance.
  • In this position, your elbows will stay bent a bit. Then you need to bring both of your hands by moving the arms. The movement will happen in a semicircular motion. Be that way for two seconds at least.
  • Then make the reverse motion. Bring your arms back and do that until your chest feels a small stretch.
  • You should repeat this move as long as you think you should.
  1. Low cable cross workout
  • Like the mid cable crossover, you have to use your single grip and attach it to hold the handle. It should come down to the lowest notch.
  • Hold both handles and stand properly. Your position should be between the pulleys.
  • Your elbows will bend a bit again, and then you have to take one step ahead by one foot.
  • After that, both of your arms will be used to go upward above the upper part of your chest.
  • Wait for two seconds, and then lower your arms back down. Do that until you again feel that stretch in your chest.
  • Then repeat all these movements a few times as you can.
  1. High cable cross over workout
  • This time hold the handle to the highest notch of the cable machine on both sides.
  • Stand between the pulleys and the whole time holding the handles properly.
  • Make sure to bring both pulleys down to your mid-thigh level and stay for two seconds again.
  • Then slowly raise the arms back where your elbows will be flared out, and you will feel a small stretch in the chest. Repeat the movement a few times.

What are the effective tips for performing chest press?

What are the effective tips for performing chest press?

The necessary tips

To hold a better form, before you start your chest exercise, follow these below tips-

  • You have to keep your spine flat when you will do the workout. Make sure to avoid arching the lower portion of your back.
  • During your exercise, you have to press your head, shoulders, and hips into the bench all the time.
  • To make it easier, you can use a raised platform under your feet during the exercise period.
  • It is then recommended to press your feet onto the floor or platform while you do the workout.
  • If you are trying to have better triceps, you need to use your elbows close to both sides.
  • To have better pectorals, you should use your elbows and flare them out of your body.
  • Make sure that your wrists remain neutral while the whole workout happens. Otherwise, they can bend in opposite directions, and you will be hurt.

Steps of doing the chest press(Chest workouts at the gym)

  • First, you have to lie on a flat bench while pressing your feet into the workout area floor.
  • Then make sure to move your shoulders down and back. You have to do this so that you can press these body parts of yours onto the bench.
  • You can then choose to hold two dumbbells with your hands and make sure to face them forward. Your thumbs need to be wrapped around the handle of the dumbbells.
  • Breath in at first and try to lower the dumbbells slowly wider than the middle portion of your chest area. Control the motions.
  • The dumbbells need to be touched to your chest while doing the chest press.
  • Breathe out and press the arms upwards. While doing that, make sure that your elbows are bent. (slightly)
  • You should be able to see your dumbbells. So, position them below your eye level and observe.
  • Then count from two to three sets and repeat the sets from eight to fifteen times.

How will you avoid having an injury while doing Chest workouts at the gym?

How will you avoid having an injury while doing Chest workouts at the gym?

Sometimes, while doing workouts, people get injured because they don’t concentrate properly, and at times it can cause a lot of damage. It is advised that you stay safe and do the chest press carefully and always stay cautious for your own safety.

It is recommended that you consult with your physicians before starting any kind of new form of exercises. It will be helpful for those who have earlier injuries or any medical conditions.

  1. First, warmup and cool down is needed

When you start your chest workout, make sure to warm up for at least five to ten minutes. It can be anything like running, jumping, jogging, stretching the arms, chest, shoulders, etc.

After every warmup process, make sure to take a little bit of pause or rest.

  1. Begin the workout with small weights

It is advised that the individual should start your workout phase with the lowest weights. Then, try to build up the weight slowly after you grasp the fundamental technique of the workout.

According to experts, beginners should use a spotter as it will be beneficial for them. It will help you to hold your weights. You can keep checking your form, your movements, and also never forget to use the proper weight. So, check it from time to time.

Every week do it two to three times at least

Every week do it two to three times at least

The chest press workout is very necessary to form your chest’s shape, and we have already discussed how beneficial it is for everyone. As you will spend your time and effort in this particular phase, it would be wise for you to utilize every second of it and wasting the moments or skipping the steps will be doing a disservice to your physical health.

So, we advise you to add this particular chest press workout to your other exercises routine and do it at least two to three times every week. Then take one day pause to heal the tired muscles of yours. It will balance the overall workout stress of your body.

Make sure to keep doing your shoulder straightening as well. It will help prevent future injuries of yours, which can happen while you lift weights of any kind.

You are not told to overdo yourself. Only do as much as your body can take. Don’t do anything which can cause stress or any kinds of pain on your muscle. If you are facing any pain, you need to stop immediately.

If you can follow all these we have discussed above, you will have a great shaped chest.

Different types of Chest workouts at the gym

  • Barbell Bench press.
  • Dumbbell bench press.
  • Incline bench press.
  • Decline bench press.
  • Machine bench press.
  • Flies for chest.
  • Dumbbell pull overs.
  • Machine Fly.