How to do a simple goblet squat

goblet squat
goblet squat

We have done normal squats but lets discover how to do a goblet squat and what they offer us.The great thing is that goblet squats is a full-body exercise that builds muscle (especially in legs, core, and glutes)and ups cardio.

Another advantage is that goblet squats is how easy and quick they are to perform anywhere.  Firstly grab a kettle bell or dumbbell, a dumbbell is much better, and hold it up pressed against your chest. Your feet apart inline with your shoulders with your toes slightly pointed out.  Now squat moving up and down and repeat this motion for as much reps as you can.Your heels have to stay down and your chest has to stay up.

It looks simple and easy but goblet squats are very effective.

Targets: hamstrings,forearms, bicep, Glutes, quadriceps, calves, core (abdominals and spinal erectors)

Equipment Needed: you can use a dumbbell ot Kettlebell.

Level: Beginner

just like all squats, the goblet squat targets all your major muscle groups of your lower body all at ounce. This is similar to everyday movements that a person does like picking up some from the floor or sitting on a low chair.

goblet squat

Step-by-by-step guide on how to do goblet squats

All you need to get started with goblet squats is a kettle bell or a dumbbell and a big enough comfortable space to perform this exercise.

  1. Stand up with your feet slightly wider than then the distance of your hips apart, your toes should be at an angle outwards.
  2. Grip the kettle bell in both hands close to your chest, grip both handles tightly.You need to bend your elbows so that the goblet is position in the center of your chest.
  3. you first have to get the technique and motion correct when doing this exercise so i suggest you use a light kettle-bell or dumbbell.
  4. Squeeze your core and keep your head straight looking ahead—keep your back aligned with your eyes facing straight.
  5. Squeeze your hips back and your knees to do the squat. Inhale as you perform this downward phase.
  6. the kettle-bell has to be kept close to you body during this movement.
  7. Your weight should remain evenly distributed across your feet do not lean to one side ,this will distribute weight unevenly.
  8. Your elbows MUST be positioned inside of either YOUR knees at the lowest point of the squat. T
  9. Press through your heels and reverse the motion to return to the starting.
  10. do a full set and please do not drop the weights on your feet.

Common Mistakes when doing a goblet squat

  • Holding the Weight or dumbbell Too Far From Your Body.
  • standing Up On Your Toes when coming up from the squat.
  • Knees pointing in`inwards.