21 Bodyweight Exercises for beginners

21 bodyweight exercises for fitness
21 bodyweight exercises for fitness

Bodyweight exercises are very convenient, effective and cheap exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your home and you don’t have to worry about still getting into your car and driving to the gym. Further these bodyweight exercises can help you stay fit and increase your strength overall. Both strength training and cardio can be performed doing bodyweight exercises and it even its better to incorporate calisthenics. Each of these exercises can be performed from 30 to 60 seconds typically.

Here are the bodyweight exercises:

  • Muscle-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Horse riding stance.
  • Jumping jacks.
  • Squats.
  • Mountain climbers.
  • Crunches.
  • Reverse crunches.
  • Jump squats.
  • Planks
  • Chair dip.
  • Superman.
  • Jumping lunge.
  • Walking lunges.
  • Russian twists.
  • One leg squat.
  • Jumping jacks.
  • Dips
  • Shadow boxing.


Bodyweight Exercises

Muscle ups starts with a pull-up towards your chest while hanging on a bar and then push yourself up on the bar with your chest and shoulders forward. Further this bodyweight exercise relies heavily on upper body strength and momentum.


Bodyweight Exercises

Lay on your back on a flat stable surface lift your torso and bring your shoulder forward. This is where you use your body weight to strengthen your core.

Targets: Core.


Bodyweight Exercises

Hang on a flat bar and pull yourself up towards the bar, you chin should be in line or over the bar. Your palms should be facing you when holding the bar.

Targets: Biceps mostly.


Bodyweight Exercises

Hold the bar with your palms facing in the opposite direction with your palms outside your shoulders then pull yourself up towards the bar.

Targets: Back muscles(Trapezius, Latissimus dorsi ,Thoracic erector spina and Infraspinatus.).


Bodyweight Exercises

This is a material art position. Stand Straight up and keep you feet apart and then bend your knees, keep your feet facing forward with your hips being lose and your body has to be straight while you are bending your knees and feet facing forward.

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Targets: Thigh muscles and core strength and stability.


Stand up straight with your hands to the side with your legs straight then start by jumping up and down spreading your legs apart when you jump and swinging your hands to the side.

Targets: Good cardio exercise


Bodyweight Exercises

Keep your feet apart further then your hips ,keep you chest up and equal force on both feet then start going down squeezing your core and gluts, remember to look up when you go down.

Target: Strengthens core, gluts and burns calories because it is high intensity.

Mountain climbers

Bodyweight Exercises

Mountain climber are known are running squats. Get into a plank like position with your arms straight up, then pull your knee inside towards your chest and repeat this going as fast as you can.

Targets: Burn stomach fat fast and targets core.


Bodyweight Exercises

Lie flat on a mat or comfortable soft stable flat surface with knees bent and feet on the flow flat, squeeze your abs and lift your head and your shoulders and also put your hand on your chest and lower yourself slowly back to your original flat position keeping your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Reverse crunches

Bodyweight Exercises

Lie on you back flat with your arms to the side of your body and then raise your your legs and bring them to your hips while you squeezing your abs, lastly lift your bum and tail bone off the floor and bring your knees towards your face.

Target: Core.

Jump squats

Go down in a squat position and jump up and go in the squat position again.

Targets: Gluts, quads, hamstrings and hips.


Bodyweight Exercises

To get into thi plank position your head must face down with palms or forearms straight on the floor and your toes need to be on the floor, hold this position and tighten your abs.

Targets: Core.

Chair Dip

Bodyweight Exercises

Put your arms behind you on a chair, palms flat on any flat surface chair and legs in front you soo that you can go down and up, you should feel the burn in your triceps.

Targets: Triceps.


Bodyweight Exercises

Lie flat on the floor on your stomach and lift your chest and legs and balance on your stomach, while doing this put your arms to the back.You may hold this position for as long as you can its a great bodyweight exercise.

Targets: lower back muscles, glutes, hamstrings, and abs.

Jumping Lunge

How to Do the Jumping Lunge: Techniques, Benefits, Variations

Start by taking a large step back with one leg and your knees should be almost touching the floor that you then jump in the air and switch legs in exactly the same position.

Targets: Calves, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings hip flexors.

Walking Lunge

Bodyweight Exercises

Start by taking a large step back with one leg and your knees should be almost touching the floor that you then walk in his position and switch legs in exactly the same position.

Targets: Calves, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings hip flexors.

Russian twists

bodyweight exercises

Get into a sit-up like position with you back off the floor and your knees bent then turn side to side you should feel the strain in your core muscle.

Targets: Core

One Leg Squat

one leg squat bodyweight exercise

Put a chair behind you then stand on one leg with your front leg pointing straight, the knee of the back leg slightly bent so that this will allow you to go down and come back up with the one leg and lastly switch positions of your legs so that you can go up and down with the other leg too.

Target: This works your stabilizing muscles in your legs.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks Bodyweight exercises

Start by standing up straight with your knees slightly bent and arms to the side then jump in the air and wave your hands to the side and open your legs slightly.

Targets: Helps burn fat on belly, arms and leg region.


dips bodyweight exercises

You can do this on the floor but its better to put your arms behind you on a chair or flat comfortable surface.

Targets: Triceps.

Shadow boxing

shadow boxing body weight exercises

This is boxing in the air looking at yourself in the mirror its a great all round workout, Of all the bodyweight exercises this can be one of your HIIT INTENS cardio workout.

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Targets: literally everything it is a cardio exercise and it builds your shoulders.


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