10 calisthenics workout for beginners


Callisthenic exercises are great in that they are convenient and cost-effective since they rely on bodyweight only and not much equipment is need such as weight training. Further calisthenics build muscle endurance, strength and builds your stamina as a whole.

Here are 10 callisthenics Exercises to try

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High knees


Start jogging in one place letting your foot touch the ground for a second before switching to another foot place and keep you chest straight up and bring your knees 90 degrees angle or higher each time up in the air.

NOTE : This exercise is time limit based.

Bicycle crunches

calisthenics exercises

Start by lying flat on your back on a mat facing up, your legs should be flat on the floor and head and shoulders slightly raised off the mat. Further place both your hands behind your head and then raise your knee and bring it towards your elbow, you left knee should go to your right elbow and right knee to left elbow. With that said, while doing this motion your chest should be open.



Burpees is a great for calisthenics. as the description says it get into a squat position, kick your feet back and get into a pushup position, return to a squat and finally stand-up and jump. Repeat the motion for as many reps as you can.


calisthenics exercises

The squat exercises can be don with or without weights but since we speaking about calisthenics your can do free squats which doesn’t require any weights.

How todo squats:

  • You should be standing with you fee wider then your hips , feet pointing in a outward SLANTING POSITION AND TOES FACING FRONT.
  • Push back your hips, while doing this motion bend your knees and ankles.
  • Now you should be sitting in a squatting position with your feet flat on the floor, shoulders up and chest back, Repeat this motion for as many reps and sets as you can.


Calisthenics push-ups exercises

Get down on your palms and toes with you face facing downwards then straighten out your hands, now that you have your arms straightened out come down to the floor till your chest touches the floor.

Mountain climbers

mountain climbers calisthenics exercises

Start by positioning yourself in a plank position then bring your one knee to you chest and back out again and then bring your other knee to to your chest and back out again. Repeat this motion, this is a great exercise to burn belly fat since the concentration is on your core.

Plank rotations

calisthenics plank rotations

These are rotating planks which can be a challenging calisthenics exercise. Start in a plank position and then rotate lifting one arm up and the other on the floor, when you done with one arm do the other arm too.


muscle-ups calisthenics

The muscle-up is an advances bodyweight callisthenic exercise which relies heavily on body momentum to actually perform the movement. Hang on a pull-up bar and pull yourself up (a chest pull-up), then lean back and your chest should be over the bar and then push yourself into a dip position which is now a full muscle-up.


Lunges calisthenics

Lunges are great lower body exercises that works muscles such as glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Keep your feet apart which is align in your hip. Walk forward and bend you knees 90 degrees angle having turn on each leg walking forward bring your one leg front then the other leg while bending the front and back knee.


Planks calisthenics exercise

When it comes to doing a plank, it’s all about finding your inner strength and maintaining a solid foundation. Start by positioning yourself on the ground, like you’re about to do a push-up. Instead of using your hands, rest your forearms on the floor, making sure they’re shoulder-width apart. Now, here’s the key: imagine your body as a straight line, from your head down to your heels.

Engage your core muscles and squeeze your glutes to keep everything aligned. It might feel challenging at first, but that’s where the magic happens! Hold this position for as long as you can, gradually building up your endurance over time. Remember to breathe deeply and stay focused. You’ve got this!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What equipment do I need for CrossFit?

To participate in CrossFit workouts, you will typically need access to a well-equipped CrossFit gym or “box.” These gyms are equipped with various equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, rowing machines, and more. It is recommended to consult with the specific CrossFit gym you plan to join to understand their equipment requirements and if any personal equipment is needed.

2. Is CrossFit suitable for beginners?

Yes, CrossFit is suitable for beginners. Many CrossFit gyms offer introductory programs or classes specifically designed for individuals new to CrossFit. These programs focus on teaching proper form and technique, gradually introducing participants to the intensity of CrossFit workouts. It is important to start at an appropriate level and gradually progress to more challenging workouts to prevent injuries and ensure a positive experience.

3. Can I do CrossFit at home?

While CrossFit is typically associated with training in a dedicated CrossFit gym, it is possible to do CrossFit-style workouts at home. There are numerous online resources, workout apps, and videos available that provide guidance on CrossFit workouts that can be done with minimal equipment or even bodyweight exercises. However, it is essential to ensure proper form and technique to prevent injuries when training at home.

4. Is CrossFit only for young and fit individuals?

CrossFit is for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. The workouts can be scaled and modified to accommodate different abilities, making it accessible to everyone. CrossFit encourages inclusivity and welcomes individuals at any stage of their fitness journey. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or someone who is just starting to prioritize fitness, CrossFit can be tailored to your needs and help you progress towards your goals.

5. Can CrossFit help me reach specific fitness goals?

Yes, CrossFit can help you reach specific fitness goals. Whether your aim is to lose weight, build strength, increase endurance, or improve overall fitness, CrossFit’s varied and intense workouts can be customized to align with your goals. It is essential to communicate your objectives with your CrossFit coach or trainer, who can provide guidance and structure your workouts accordingly.

6. Are CrossFit workouts safe?

CrossFit workouts, like any form of physical activity, carry inherent risks. However, with proper coaching, technique instruction, and gradual progression, CrossFit can be done safely. It is crucial to listen to your body, prioritize proper form, and communicate any concerns or limitations with your coach. CrossFit gyms that prioritize safety and provide knowledgeable coaches can significantly reduce the risk of injuries.


CrossFit offers a dynamic and effective approach to fitness, focusing on functional movements, intensity, and community. With its ability to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental resilience, CrossFit has transformed countless lives around the world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, CrossFit can help you unlock your fitness potential and achieve your goals.