Body Types: How to Eat and Exercise for Your Body Type



The three basic human body types are mesomorph body type ,ectomorph and endomorph. These body types have come from the early 1840s.

We will have a closer look on how you can get the best out of each body type and how to determine which body type are you.

There are three primary body type or forms which are :




1.Mesomorph Body Type(Meso)

This body type can be recognized by its overall rectangular appearance. The Hips and chest tend to be wide – this body type is sometimes described as “big boned”.

Meso body type can easily build will find plenty of examples of Meso-style bodies at the gym. If you’re a Meso, it’s best to follow nature’s lead and build as much muscle as you can. After all, lean muscle mass burns calories and give shapes and tone to the appearance of the body.

They often carry extra fat while being able to build muscle fast. They have to incorporate an extra cardio session or two per week. Meso’s usually prefer to lift weights than run on the treadmill. The best workout plan for Meso’s would be about 40 percent strength training and 60 percent cardio.

2.Ectomorph body type (Ecto)

The Ectomorph body is often a runway fashion model, tall and thin, can eat anything without gaining an ounce. Picture Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oyl. There are both male and female Ecto body types, but while the Ecto is a favored body type for women, it may not be so for men. While they don’t carry much extra fat, Ectomorphs also have difficulty gaining muscle.

The best workout routine for Ecto body types focuses more on strength training than cardio. In fact, cardio routines are done primarily for the endurance and health benefits than for weight loss purposes. But because of their slender bone structure, Ecto body types are more susceptible to injury, so strength training is important for health purposes, as well as the more toned appearance that muscle can provide.

3.Endomorph body type (Endo

The Endo body style is described by bends. Endos are solid and normally convey a higher level of muscle than Ectos or Mesos, yet they regularly convey a lot of fat. A male Endo is probably going to be a guarded lineman on a football crew, and a female endo may consume her time on earth on one eating regimen after another. Oprah Winfrey is a genuine case of a female Endo who has delivered a conditioned and solid endo body through her sound eating regimen and exercise schedules.

Since building muscle mass comes easily to an Endo, while fat misfortune is a consistent exertion, the Endo exercise plan should fuse no under 70 percent of the week by week exercise time to cardio, and give the staying 30 percent to quality preparing.

4 body weight workouts you can do for any body type


2. Push up

3.Mountain Climbers



A Squat is a strength training exercise in which you lower your hips and bending your knees from a standing position.

Types of squats:

Dumbbell Squat
Deep Squat
A sumo squat
Bulgarian Split Squat
Pistol Squat


This is a popular bodyweight exercise, it is commonly used in military ans technical training.

Begin in a standard push-up position , pu your feet together and hands flat on the ground below your shoulders, and arms straight. Breathe in as you bend your elbows—keep them tracking back alongside your body—to lower your chest to slightly below the level of your bent elbow, and then breathe out as you push back up to the starting position and repeat that motion.

Some types of push-ups

Strict (Military) Push-Up(COMMON)
Wide Hands Push-Up
Pike Push-Up
Staggered Hands Push-Up
Sphinx Push-Up

3.Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers target the muscles of the core as well as the shoulder muscles. Lift one knee to your chest one at a timer from  straight-arm plank position.


1.Face down and get in the planks position with your elbows on the floor.You elbows needs to be directly under your shoulders and your forearms must face front.
2.Your back should be straight.
3.Use your toes and shoulders to keep your form ccorrect
4.Flex your core now
5.Hold this position for 30,60,90 or how many seconds you can hold that position flexing your core.

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The Best Workout for Your Body Type