Kali Muscle


Kirkendall (Kali Muscle)  was born in February 18, 1975 who is an an author, American actor,bodybuilder and entertainer who has appeared in commercials for  SnickersComcastHonda and more.He has a very successful YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers and 500 million views where he shows different kinds of workouts.He has a net worth of about 5 million dollars.Standing at 5’9″ and a whopping 240 pounds with sub 7% body fat. As a matter of fact, one of Kali’s nicknames is “Mr. Muscle.” Interestingly, it is unclear what his real name is, and it has been speculated he has kept it secret due to his past gang and prison affiliations.

He made it from XCON TO ICON despite spending his younger years in jail where he was sentenced 11 years to prison for roberry.

Kali Muscle acted in wonder women in 2011 and much more movies like:


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