CrossFit open

cross fit open
cross fit open

The CrossFit Open is an annual fitness competition that tests Your fitness levels and all other athletes all around the world. Further the competition consists different workouts for 5 weeks, you will be doing a different workout every week. The CrossFit open competition is used to qualify for the CrossFit games. Further there are different stages in the CrossFit open and you will have to pass all to make it to the CrossFit games.

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How CrossFit open works

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How CrossFit open works:

Registration: for you to compete in the CrossFit open you will need to register on the website and there is a registration fee that needs to be paid too.

Workouts: The workout consists of five workouts which is released every week one each week and there is 5 workouts for 5 weeks, this workouts needs to be completed in a specified time when released and then scores must be submitted online.

Scaled options: The workouts can be done at different levels or intensity depending on an athletes fitness level.

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Competitors – CrossFit open allows you to push yourself because you are competing against other competitors which brings out the best in your performance.

Community – since there is a lot of athletes you can build relationships and mingle with the other athletes.

Train harder – since you know that you are going to compete in the crossfit open this will allow you to train harder and be more consistent pushing your limits.


Injuries – Pushing yourself to compete in the CrossFit open will maybe cause injuries and even when you compete in the competition you can get badly injured if you are not used to high-intensity workouts.

Stress and pressure – the pressure and stress for some athletes of the thought of competing may hold you back from performing at your best.

Extra cost – when you competing or getting ready for the CrossFit open you will have to invest in new equipment and supplements which is quite expense.

Unrealistic expectations – Athletes might set unrealistic expectations for the competition which might lead to be demotivated and depressed as an athlete if you don’t make it. Have fun and take the challenge as it comes and learn.

CrossFit open
CrossFit Open Workouts 2023

CrossFit Open Workouts 2021

Week Workout Time Cap
1 10 rounds for time:
– 10 dumbbell snatches
– 15 wall balls
15 mins
2 For time:
– 20-min time cap
– 40 double-unders
– 20 overhead squats
– 40 double-unders
– 20 bar-facing burpees
– 40 double-unders
– 20 dumbbell snatches
– 40 double-unders
– 20 bar muscle-ups
– 40 double-unders
20 mins
3 For time:
– 21-15-9 reps of:
– Thrusters
– Chest-to-bar pull-ups
15 mins
4 For time:
– 7 rounds:
– 15 wall ball shots
– 5 deadlifts
– Then,
– 3 rounds:
– 15 kettlebell swings
– 5 power cleans
– Then,
– 1 round:
– 15 row calories
– 5 squat snatches
20 mins
5 For time:
– 21-15-9-6-3 reps of:
– Thrusters
– Burpees
20 mins


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